How your support is helping us to strengthen this family so the mum doesn’t have to work nearly 70 hours a week in a quarry, breaking stones in the sweltering Kenya sun

When Mary lost her husband in a tragic but all too frequent accident at the quarries in the Karundas region of Kenya, she was already pregnant with her second daughter, Bishara*. Thrown out of the home by her in-laws, destitute she went to live with her widowed mum who had a small shack and some chickens and a goat to provide a livelihood. Even then, it has been difficult to settle, as her brothers wanted her out so they can take over their mother’s land.

Even when she was heavily pregnant, she had no choice but to work in the quarries which had taken her husband’s life. From dawn until dusk she would be there in the blistering heat, chipping away at rocks to make aggregate stones.

Fortunately, Kids Alive came across her and admitted the two girls into our Hall Mead school, where they not only received an excellent education and three free meals a day, but also love, care and family support. What a transformation it has been, as the girls are both doing very well with their education, and are now healthy, happy, thriving young ladies.

And we are working closely with their mum, not only providing additional food supplies, but also helping to build the chicken and goat business, so she no longer has to work in the quarries. 

Our wonderful case workers, Grace and Elizabeth visit the family regularly, providing professional input and care, not to mention prayer and spiritual support. 

Please pray with us that the Lord will continue to bless this lovely family and that Mary will no longer have to work in the quarries; and that her brothers will show much more kindness and compassion to her.

“The Lord is a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” Psalm 9: 9

Posted on June 13th 2022

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