Isaac's Story

Isaac and his family

Growing up wasn’t easy for the director of our Boy’s Home in Lusoi, Kenya.  Isaac was born in the Maasai land of the Rift Valley province of Kenya, East Africa. His parents both worked hard. Yet, with six children, it was not easy for his parents to provide an education to all of them. By the time Isaac was in secondary school, his father had already retired as a civil servant and had spent his benefits on paying college expenses for his older sister. Hence, there were no funds left for Isaac to go to college. 

But that did not stop Isaac’s blossoming entrepreneurial spirit. He started doing business selling fruits and gospel audio cassettes in the vegetable kiosk owned by his mother. 

Part of Isaac’s education was taken in a boarding school for blind children and those with other disabilities. This was a life-changing experience.   

Eventually, Isaac earned degrees in both social work and theology. He worked while going to school doing research related to HIV AIDS. This experience he credits as a “God-given opportunity for me to reach a different community with the gospel of Christ during my free time.” 

In Isaac’s own words: “I appreciate my parents so much because they offered me what is most important – salvation from God that has been my focus – trusting and depending on Him alone." 

“It is my passion to reach orphans and vulnerable, needy kids and give them hope and a bright future. I am able to do that as I manage the Kids Alive Boys’ Home. We are now serving 63 residential kids and 89 kids in community outreach. It has been my joy to see them finally ending up as responsible, fulfilled young adults, which is my prayer for them all.”

We are so thankful for Isaac and his heart for helping the children.

Posted on April 25th 2013

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