Join us for our upcoming webinars, including our 'Introduction to Kids Alive' events

We sometimes provide webinar updates about our work, often with our teams out in the field. Here is a list of what is coming up. Do come along, it would be lovely to see you!

1. Lebanon update webinar with Denise Deghar, Wed Dec 1st at 7pm UK time

Please join us for an update about our work in Lebanon with our Lebanon Country Director. Denise will take us through how the Lebanon crisis is impacting the most vulnerable and how despite all of this, God is clearly at work out there. Allow an hour. Join here at 7pm on Dec1st.

 2. An introduction to Kids Alive international, various dates

These webinars provide a 30 minute or so overview of our work, including some inspiring stories of the children whose lives have been impacted. To join, just click here at the time and date listed

  • Tue Nov 30th 11am
  • Thur Dec 2nd 7pm
  • Wed Dec 8th 7pm
  • Thur Dec 9th 11am

3. Recordings of webinars that have taken place 

An update about our global work by Corbey Dukes, President of Kids Alive Nov 17th 2021 >>

An update about our work in Lebanon, May 2021 >>

An update about our work in Zambia, April 2021 >>

Posted on November 19th 2021

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