Some of the key successes our supporters have enabled us to achieve in recent months

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we have been able to care for some of the world's most vulnerable children. Injustice thrives in silence exposing children to violence and poverty with nowhere to turn. With your support, children have broken the silence and been given a voice. Together, we have helped raise a generation that will carry on the work to the next.

What you have helped us to achieve in recent months!

KENYA shared godly wisdom with government workers, communities and slums

  • Our supporters enabled us to provide training to Kenya’s children and family services employees, sharing our rigorous method for reuniting families and providing ongoing support.
  • Hall Mead School delivered parenting and child safety workshops for the local community as a social worker/psychologist team deepened their impact through our Family Strengthening programmes.
  • We completed a six-month pilot project in the Kibera slums, helping 32 children, who had dropped out of school because of poverty and abuse, resume their education.

GUATEMALA provided education and access to justice 

  • Six girls from our Casa Ester home earned Kids Alive Guatemala university scholarships. 
  • The Families Together programme successfully reunited 33 children with healthy families by strengthening their family of origin or finding, training, and supporting Christian foster families. 
  • The Justice Centre team in Escuintla achieved twelve arrests or convictions of abusers of sexual crimes against children.
  • Zapote’s Source of Hope school graduated over 150 primary and secondary school students. 

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC educated minds, transformed hearts and united families

  • Across our seven schools, we enrolled a record-breaking 230 new students. 
  • Palo Blanco celebrated the graduation of their first class of high school students. 
  • 89 high school graduates from our schools are attending college, and 11 received undergrad degrees. 
  • We reunited 17 children with their loving biological families. 
  • We re-instituted vital programs the pandemic halted: sports, GO! Team visits and internships. 

LEBANON built bridges by demonstrating God's love for Lebanese people and refugees 

  • At the Lighthouse Centre, Syrian refugee mums (of Kids Alive School students) learned how to read English and Arabic and their hearts were changed as they heard the Gospel message.
  • We celebrated the ninth-grade graduation of nine residential children. The ninth grade is significant because that’s when students make career choices, choosing either to enter vocational school or continue to the 12th grade and enter a university.
  • We welcomed four new children to our residential family, two of whom the juvenile court placed with us. 
  • Today, solar power keeps the lights on and the hot water running – thanks to the generosity of donors – and we also built a football (American soccer) field. 
  • We hired new staff at the New Horizon Centre to counsel young Syrian Muslim girls, teach them life skills such as jewellry making and offer Bible studies.

ZAMBIA cooperated with public officials to strengthen children, families and communities

  • In Zambia, when the police arrest a mother of a child under five for non-violent crimes, she's allowed to bring the child to prison for nuturing, but the conditions are horrible. Through the Babies in Prison programme, we advocate for special care and healing justice for this population. 
  • We also launched an effort to reach out to people who have graduated from our programmes to ensure they have continued support for success, providing them with daily essentials and helping them develop marketable work skills. Our village, care centre and the Kids Alive Academy served over 600 children, providing nutrition, spiritual support, counselling, and educational assistance, including school supplies, tutoring, and tuition.
  • And last but by no means least, we have recently launched a pilot 'Care and Justice' project to serve child victims of sexual abuse, which our recent research showed is tragically endemic in Zambia. 

PERU educated and empowered women and children to stand up to violence and abuse 

  • The residential centres provided nutrition, medical care, and education to 40 children and helped place 14 with loving families. 
  • The Family Strengthening Centres cared for and counselled 29 families experiencing or at risk of domestic violence and supported 32 young mothers and their 34 babies. 
  • The San Jose Free of Fear and Violence initiative brought together many women and children to empower them against violence and victimisation and hold the local authorities accountable for preventing violence against them.

Let’s continue to carry the torch as we respond to God’s call in our lives and the lives of those we serve!

“He commanded our ancestors to teach their children (God’s purposes), so the next generation would know them...and they in turn would tell their children.” Psalm 78:5,6 (NIV)

Posted on April 20th 2023

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