Kids Alive Kenya has a new bus!

“We took possession of the school bus and it truly lifted everyone's spirits.  We are making quite an impression on the local community and we are now able to attract so many more children from outside.  We have also had occasions when we have used it for events concerning the children and it is a fantastic blessing.” 

Kids Alive Kenya, August 2015.

What wonderful news! A blessing, not only to the children and communities around Karundas, Central Kenya, but to the many people in the UK who have been raising funds to enable the bus purchase to go ahead.

In the end, Kids Alive Kenya decided to buy a second-hand bus, smaller than the originally planned capacity. It’s a Toyota, 3 litre diesel, 29 seater, giving better flexibility, access to more difficult terrain and better fuel economy.

Now, with distance and cost no longer being barriers to an education at Hall Mead School, more families in this poverty-blighted region can send their children to school and access the opportunities that a good education brings. Futures are brighter – and who knows, with the right support, some of these children can one day be teachers, engineers, doctors, prime ministers, etc! 

Thank you to all who donated and made this possible – however, there are certain people we must specifically mention who went the extra mile – or six!

In July, three generations of the Cheetham family ran the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K run. Allan and Jenny, son Andrew and grandchildren Jack and Beth ran for the bus – raising over £1,600.

The young people of Yeovil Community Church raised over £1,250 through an open mic night, a car wash, a girls’ pampering night, cake sales, selling wrist bands and more.

And there were many individuals around the country who gave generously, so that we ended up with just over £7,000 to add to the donations from the US.

So we give thanks to God and his people for helping purchase the bus. If you didn’t have the opportunity to give towards the bus appeal, all is not lost! It would be really good to encourage Kids Alive Kenya by helping to keep the wheels moving by having some regular 'fuel and maintenance' sponsors! It’s one of those opportunities where, if a lot of us could give just a little each month, it would all add up and achieve a great deal. If you would like to help with this, please get in touch and we’ll send you a standing order instruction. 

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Posted on September 23rd 2015

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