Latest News: 43 children going "back to school" - so far!

Great news – we are delighted to announce that as a result of our “Back to School” campaign we are so far able to help 43 children get an education!

But we are not stopping at just 43 kids. We are pushing on – because there are lots more orphans and vulnerable children out there that need help to get back to school!

Huge thanks are due to everyone that has contributed so far. We are so thankful! And so are the kids :-) 

Our Back to School partners to date are:

GateWay Coffee Shop, Yeovil
Holly Trees Primary School -
MaLoKai –
SAK Consulting -
Southampton University Christian Union -

Mr and Mrs N. Baker, Mrs A Boyd, Mr and Mrs R. Buckland, Mr and Mrs K. Chapman, Miss M. Fields, Mr and Mrs P. Green, Mrs D. Grimstone, Mrs D Guthrie, Miss C. Hawkins, Miss S. Hodges, Mr A Lackey, Mrs. E. Nicholls, Rev and Mrs R. Parker, Mr and Mrs G. Rasmussen, Mr and Mrs J. Rutherford, Mr and Mrs A. Smith, Mr and Mrs M Smithers, Mrs M. Tanner, Mrs S. Vincer, Mrs. M. Vowles, Miss M. White, plus several anonymous donations.

Want to help a child get back to school? Click here to make a donation!


Posted on October 9th 2012

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