Maron's Bitterness Has Gone!

Maron has experienced terrible pain in his life. When his family broke up, his mother brought him to Khartoum with the hope for finding a better life. But this was a false hope. They had nowhere to stay, no food to eat and there was no school for Maron to attend. “My life was full of bitterness and anger”, he says. Before long his mother gave birth to another child – and once again was abandoned by the child’s father.

Eventually, in desperation, twelve-year-old Maron was forced on to the streets to try and earn some money. Yet everything he tried – cleaning shoes, working in restaurants and even selling plastic bags – earned less than a dollar a day.

Then the Boys’ Hope Center found Maron and his little brother. Maron describes coming to live at the Center – and having food, clothing, and the chance to go to school - as “like a miracle.” And we have seen amazing changes in his life! He is a bright young man and is doing extremely well in school. This year he sat for his Sudanese exams and was very successful. He thrives at sports, and is an especially skilful soccer player. The anger and bitterness that he felt when he came to us from his life on the streets has now gone.

For several years, Maron has been following the Lord. “If it were not for Jesus, I would have nothing”, he says. We thank God for bringing him to us and are proud of the young man that he has grown up to become!


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Posted on June 30th 2012

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