Moses - Found and Rescued!

At the tender age of 12, Moses has survived a harsh life. He has lived in the slums and on the streets, constantly looking for a meal and a place to sleep. Born to casual labourers in a slum in central Kenya, Moses learned at a young age that he could not rely on his poor parents to feed him, clothe him and give him a place of safety.

Tired of all the uncertainty, he disappeared from his family ‘home’ and joined many other boys in seeking a ‘living’ in the streets. He could not join a school because his priority at the time was just to find enough food to survive each day.

Before long, the city’s children’s department came along seeking children that were homeless. They found Moses and took him to a Juvenile Remand Home in the same town. But God made it possible for Moses to then be sent to our Kids Alive Kenya Boys’ Home in February 2012.

Moses has not only joined a loving family of another 80 boys, many of whom come from situations like his, but he is also making tremendous progress. He has been enrolled in school along with our other boys, and his teachers say he has great potential. He has also quickly learned to communicate in English!

We are grateful to God for Moses and we are confident that he will find His God-given purpose and reach his full potential.

Posted on August 3rd 2012

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