In a New Home - and Back to School!

While she was still in primary school, Rafiya’s mother died. Tragically, she was put in the care of her grandmother and abusive uncles. The abuse she suffered from her uncles, combined with her grandmother’s inability to properly care for Rafiya, made life nearly unbearable. She only attended school sporadically because her grandmother couldn’t pay the school fees. Rafiya loved to go to school but she struggled to keep up with her schoolwork.

When Kids Alive rescued Rafiya and brought her into the Mitaboni Home, she immediately began to blossom—both at home and at school. Proper meals, the opportunity to attend school regularly and the love and support from her house parents were just what Rafiya needed to thrive.

Rafiya is a very bright young lady. Last year she completed her first year of high school and scored a B+ on her final exam, making her the second best student in her class! Now she dreams of becoming a doctor one day!

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Posted on September 3rd 2012

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