New Children's Home to Open in Zambia!

 Kids Alive Zambia has had huge growth over the past three years, enabling us to rescue and care for more orphans and vulnerable children. To facilitate this growth we have seen lots of construction... construction... and more construction! We are looking forward to our third new home in the Lilato Children’s Village in Mongu (western Zambia) being completed in the next few weeks! This new home (the third of five to be built on this site) will be home to babies and toddlers currently in our care and will give us room to rescue even more orphaned and abandoned children.

When we finish the addition of the dining area located next to the kitchen, all of our children will be able eat their meals together. This centralized kitchen facility will support all of the homes in the Children’s Village , making the production of food more efficient and creating a greater sense of ‘community’ in the Village.

In addition, we already have the land and some of the funding to begin construction of new much-needed classrooms at the Emmanuel School location, also in Mongu. Along with children from the community, our two schools in this remote community are responsible for educating more than 400 children.

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Posted on May 9th 2012

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