Nyamu now has Hope at our School!

A few years ago, Nyamu’s father sustained injuries that left him unable to do any strenuous work. He collects firewood from the forest that he carries on his bike and sells in the town. Nyamu’s mother is a day laborer and can often be found working in the fields. The family of five lives in a small, temporary wooden house without electricity or water.

We became aware of this Kenyan family in 2008. Since that time all three children have begun attending our Hall Mead School to ensure that they can receive an education, proper nutrition and health care.

Nyamu joined Hall Mead School in 2011 and is a bright boy. When he first came to the school he was shy and withdrawn, but has now begun to thrive academically and socially He particularly likes mathematics and always performs well in exams. He plays on the volleyball and football teams. He is also very committed in his Christian faith, attends Sunday school at the Karundas Children’s Center every week and enjoys participating in other church activities.

Nyamu needs a sponsor to support him as he continues his education! To sponsor Nyamu, please contact us!

Posted on April 25th 2012

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