Our virtual Christmas Gift Catalogue is out now!

We are delighted to present our range of virtual Christmas gifts, with dozens of gift ideas, all of which are for sale on this website. 

Virtual gifts are a great way of showing someone that you care for them AND making a donation to our work with vulnerable children. When you buy a gift, we will send you a stylish blank greeting card, detailing the item that you have bought. You can then pass this card on to your loved one with whatever message you like (or ask us to on your behalf). 

Ideal if you’re not sure what to buy someone who you know would want to support our work!

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Mosquito nets £17

In many of the countries we serve in, mosquitos carry deadly diseases, including malaria and Zika. An insecticide-treated bed net is an affordable preventive that can last several years. Help protect a child and their family with new bed nets!

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Emergency food supplies £35

Lockdown in many of the countries we work in has caused a real food crisis. Not to mention famines in Zambia and Kenya. Syrian refugee children often do not have enough food to stay healthy and grow. With a lack of resources and employment, their precarious situation is made harder

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A chicken! £8

Help provide vital protein that combats malnutrition for a family for years. Not only can a chicken can produce over 500 eggs during its laying lifetime – but extra eggs can be sold for profit or shared with neighbours.

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Warm blankets £40

Children love to have their own blanket, a tangible source of comfort and protection. When life feels so uncertain, your gift of a blanket can make a child feel warm inside. How about honouring a family member with a birthday gift of blankets for a whole family?

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Posted on October 23rd 2020

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