August 2023 Prayer Guide: our work in Haiti as a US Christian nurse and her daughter are kidnapped

You may have heard in the news that a Christian USA aid worker and her child have been kidnapped by armed gangs in Haiti’s capital, Port au Prince. 

Whilst they are not part of Kids Alive’s work, we would welcome your prayers both for them and for our staff out there in what is a very difficult season for this troubled country.

Please pray:

  • For the safe release of the US Christian aid worker and her child.
  • For the safety and protection of our 57 staff and the 300 or so vulnerable and impoverished children we serve, as well as their families in the Cap Haitien area.
  • In particular, that we can continue to provide education, food, trauma care and Christian input to them all.
  • For the authorities and international community, that a solution to the troubles will be found, especially the lawlessness and gang rule that is so prevalent.

Haiti is a beautiful Caribbean nation, sharing the island of Hispaniola with Dominican Republic to its east. The tropical climate, lovely coastline, and lush mountain regions stand in contrast to the poverty and instability facing Haitians. Even thirteen years after the massive earthquake that struck the nation, the effects are still being felt, with children particularly vulnerable.

Infant mortality is very high, half of Haitian children are not attending primary school, and 65% of the population lives below the poverty line. Kids here are at high risk of forced labour, trafficking, and sexual violence. These realities fuel our passion to serve vulnerable children who are in danger of abuse and exploitation.

Our programmes target the most vulnerable children and their families  in the Cap-Haitien region in the north. Here we provide  a wide range of all round care, including education, family strengthening and support, trauma care, food, life skills and more.

Please consider donating to our Haiti appeal as your donation will be doubled! (deadline August 31st 2023).

Amid increasing lawlessness in Haiti, our Christian school provides education, food, trauma care and Christian input for some of Haiti's most impoverished and vulnerable children.

Your donation will make a huge difference, especially as it will be doubled by a kind and generous Christian foundation. 

For every £1 you give, we receive £2.50 (£2 if not Gift Aided)!  Please donate now

"He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honour him.." 

Psalm 91: 15

2022 - A Year in Review

Kids Alive Haiti shone as a beacon of hope during continued violence and political instability.

  • In collaboration with Haiti's Child Protection Services, we reunited 16 children with their families.
  • The school programme enrolled 22 children, baptised 13, and supported 225 families.
  • We added new solar panels, batteries, and inverters to power the Kids Alive school and residential facilities, ensuring children’s wellbeing and safety.

You can read more about our projects in Haiti in our 2022 Country Update here

Posted on August 1st 2023

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