An "Amazing and Humbling" Time!

The last week of October was an exciting time for the nine enthusiastic team members from Yeovil Community Church that went to Kenya!  Eager to help wherever they could, the team was involved in a range of activities - from leading  art workshops at Hall Mead School to building a three-acre goat enclosure!

The children at the school were delighted as some of the team members worked alongside the teachers to organise creative activities that helped them understand about shapes and mixing colours through painting and collage.

Other team members put their skills to good use by helping with projects - such as installing guttering to be used to gather rainwater that will benefit the home during times of drought. Another highlight for the team was putting up fencing around a huge plot of land to be used for rearing goats. Many hours were spent with local staff members joining and tightening chain link to a barb wire structure and, although it was tiring and led to some sore hands, the team was inspired by that morning’s Bible study about Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem – appropriate for encouraging teamwork and perseverance!

At every opportunity the team could be found at the Karundas Children’s Village playing with the children. The kids loved having team members to engage with and took much delight in teaching the team members Swahili words, then giggling as they mispronounced them!

One team member shared “It was both amazing and humbling to serve the children and staff at Karundas. The joy the kids have is infectious!" Another team member said that her experience “...made me realise how real Jesus and Salvation is, seeing so many kids who have been rescued from such desperate and hopeless situations.”

We thank God for people that come and visit our homes around the world - and for the way that team members and local staff and children connect, encourage, and learn from one another!

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Posted on December 13th 2012

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