How your support is empowering child victims of sexual assault to give evidence in Guatemala

Our wonderful supporters here in the UK have helped to fund the printing of a comic strip workbook called "Soy (I am) David". Our team in Guatemala use this to help prepare girls to give evidence against their aggressors, so justice can be served. 

Giving evidence can be extremely challenging and daunting for the girls, especially as they have to re-live their trauma.

Guatemala is a country of stark contrasts, known for its stunning landscapes yet plagued by some of the highest poverty rates and most dire slums in the world. It also grapples with rampant child sexual abuse due to various cultural factors. 

To help overcome this, Kids Alive provides not only trauma care and psychological support but we also pursue justice, which is crucial for the children's emotional and spiritual healing. However, testifying in court can be incredibly challenging for victims, some as young as four, as it forces them to recount their traumatic experiences.

The 'I am David' workbook is a valuable resource our case workers and child psychologists utilise to prepare each child for court testimony. It features a narrative of an older girl who has undergone the process, guiding a younger one about to face it, drawing parallels with the biblical story of David, whose faith enabled him to triumph over Goliath.

In Guatemala, the rate of successful convictions for child victims of sexual abuse stands at 7%.

Within the Escuintla programme, the success rate is 80%

Our programmes in Guatemala worked with over 360 children and 250 families in 2022. In 2023, our team handled 160 cases and provided training to social workers.

Kids Alive Guatemala's staff received training on the justice process for children who are survivors of sexual violence. Seeking justice in criminal proceedings has a positive impact on the healing process for children and teens.

Pursuing criminal proceedings shows girls that we are agents of change, seeking systemic change in partnership with local authorities. Our goal is to help every child live free of fear and violence.

"Hate evil, love what is good; maintain justice in the courts… Let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-ending stream." Amos 5: 15 and 24

Posted by Lynne Edmunds on June 28th 2024

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