Getting Peter 'back to school' in Lebanon!

Peter is Sudanese. He is one four brothers, living with his parents in very poor conditions in the inner suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon. His parents work long hours as cleaners – for a very low salary.

Peter and his brothers have been part of our programme in Lebanon for five years. The boys benefit from being part of a caring nurturing environment that encourages them to reach their academic potential. Each morning Peter’s older brother gets up early and helps to get his siblings ready for school. Our school bus collects them from near their home. At the end of the school day the boys receive a nutritious snack from the main kitchen before they return to their home. Peter’s parents often don’t return until very late so Peter and his brothers are left to look after themselves, organising their time to get homework done and to prepare for the next day

Without our programme in Lebanon Peter would simply spend his days on the streets. But, thanks to your help, he has the opportunity to go “back to school”!


Posted on August 29th 2012

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