The Gift of Giving

It’s so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of the festive period—the work parties, the last-minute gift buying, the unboxing of decorations that have been collecting dust in the loft for twelve months. And that’s even before the big day!

The Christmas Day schedule alone has the potential to test even the most organised and determined among us. Entertaining a family-filled house, the pressure of getting those roast potatoes just right, the fight over the TV remote when the latest Pixar animation runs over the Queen’s speech. 

Yes, there’s plenty to keep us on our toes!

Child holding a donated chicken

Gift Animals

From £7.50

Child opening a pair of donated shoes

Gift Living Items

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Child sitting with a donated meal

Gift Food

From £7.50

At its heart, though, Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus—and, with it, spreading the message of peace and hope. For all the talk of family bonding, renewed friendships and exchanging gifts, Christmas is also a time to think about those less fortunate than ourselves, and, in turn, to count our own blessings. 

For some, Christmas isn’t about lavish dinners, presents, and paid holidays; for some, the joy of the festive period can be as simple as having a good night’s sleep, clean clothes, a full stomach, a warm blanket...the promise of an education.

If you’re having trouble deciding on a present for a loved one this Christmas, why not think about buying your friends and family a gift that will positively impact someone whose need is much greater. Here at KidsAlive, we have a range of essential gift items that will help some of the world’s most vulnerable children.

As well as sponsoring a child, or providing them with critical health and medical provisions, educationtrauma care and family support, there’s a chance for your gift to supply crucial domestic items like food, clothes, tools—even a goat or chicken that will offer long-term sustainability for a family.

Those in receipt of your generous gift will receive a gift card that will state your donation, as well as a beautiful card which you can send with a personalized message to your friend, family or loved one.

KidsAlive gift card inside
The gift recipient will receive a card!
KidsAlive gift card message
With a little message, with details of their donation.

So, to embrace the true meaning of Christmas, to bring a sense of hope and comfort to someone whose life has been overshadowed with hardship, why not take a look through our catalogue and consider one of these wonderfully life-changing gifts?

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Posted on November 24th 2021

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