The New Horizons Centre

The New Horizons Centre

It's difficult to believe that one year has already passed since the New Horizons Centre opened. As we started working with these 25 Gypsy and Bedouin children, we soon realized that we had a long journey ahead! Literacy, hygiene, social skills and the ability to remain inside four walls were daily challenges that the children had to face. They come from backgrounds where fighting, hatred, revenge and other evils are widespread. Learning to love and forgive are new concepts.

But these children enjoy coming to a place where they receive a lot of attention and their basic needs are met. Our staff understand God's calling to provide holistic care to these children. When they arrive barefoot and cold, the staff ensure that they receive appropriate clothes. Their medical and dental needs are met. As well as providing a literacy programme. we also cater to the children's emotional and spiritual needs. Coming from big families with little or no income, the children's wellbeing often isn't the main focus. Many suffer from neglect. Many are even being exploited and used by their parents.

One little girl, Shamsy, used to pose a daily challenge for Susie, the Programme Coordinator. Susie was so frustrated that she almost gave up on her. Then God reminded Susie that children like Shamsy are also dear to His heart. It only took a warm hug and gentle words for Shamsy to start to change. She's now one of the best behaved children in Susie's group, and is always helpful. True to her name, which means "my sun" in Arabic, she now shines with her beautiful smile and is a positive influence on the other children around her. Most importantly of all, these children are learning about God's love for them - and how precious they are in His sight!

Joseph Ghattas - New Horizons Centre Manager

Posted on February 29th 2012

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