Thank you for helping us to fund Maria’s* eye operation!

One of the Syrian refugee children we serve at our Dar el Awlad School in Lebanon is in urgent need of an operation on her eyes to stop her from going blind. A lovely 10 year old called Maria* was dropped when she was a baby and a bomb went off near her home, causing underlying issues which would affect her eye sight in later years.

Our wonderfully generous supporters responded with compassion and kindness and we now have enough funds to fund the operation. Praise God! We even have some left over in case it ends up costing more (if not, we will use the surplus funds for much-needed emergency food distribution to vulnerable Syrian refugee families).

As with all of the vulnerable refugee families we serve in Lebanon, they don’t have the money to even feed themselves, never mind fund an operation such as this. Maria’s mother was distraught when she first heard that her daughter might go blind – especially as she held herself responsible having dropped her when the bomb went off. What a blessing our supporters have been to Maria and her mother!

*Name changed for privacy reasons.

"He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry… The Lord gives sight to the blind." Psalm 146: 8

Posted on July 26th 2021

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