Urgent appeal for our work in Lebanon

As the crisis worsens in Lebanon, our teams are working in darkness from 4pm onwards every day. We have launched an urgent appeal to raise £18,000 to install solar panelling at our residential centre in Beirut, serving 32 extremely vulnerable Syrian refugee and Lebanese children. A kind donor has already given us £6,000, but we need to raise another £12,000.

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You may have heard about the crisis in Lebanon right now, with volatile energy supplies causing all sorts of issues and electricity only being sporadically available for a few hours a day. This culminated in a complete loss of power over the weekend.

God has blessed our work out there with a back-up generator – not to mention a kind local garage owner who supplies us with what diesel he can to run the generator – but it is not enough, given the cost and difficulty of getting diesel in Lebanon right now. Electricity comes on and off during the school day (it would be off a lot more if it wasn’t for our generator) and we have no electricity in our residential centre at all after school.

By installing solar panels, we will not only solve the immediate problem, but it will save us huge energy costs forever more. So for every £ you are able to give, it will benefit vulnerable Syrian refugee children for years to come. Thank you so much for your support and prayers, we really appreciate it.

NB If we are over-funded for this appeal, we will put the surplus towards solar power installations in our school and care centre.

“God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.” 1 John 1: 5

Posted on October 12th 2021

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