Walking for shoes - No mean feet!

Shoes are one of Deb’s joys, so it seemed somewhat appropriate for her to be challenged to abandon them for a while and do something that identified with those who do not even have one pair of shoes to their name.

“Nigel and I are walking barefoot for four miles to remind ourselves about the 300 million children who go shoeless in this world.” Already Kids Alive International International sponsors of a child in Haiti – Deb and Nigel wanted to use the walk to raise awareness of the plight of children in poverty and need, just like the ones that Kids Alive International International seeks to serve alongside the various Kids Alive partners around the world. 

June 3rd 2013 dawned bright and sunny and at 6 a.m., Nigel and Deb were joined by Deb’s friend, Christine, and Kids Alive International International’s Director, Roger Allen, for the walk around their local village in Somerset, England. Not wishing to draw attention away from the brave couple’s achievement, Christine and Roger elected to walk the route wearing shoes –a measure deemed necessary to ensure protection and balance while taking the photographic evidence of the walk – honest!

Early on in the walk
Road markings make for a smoother surface!

Paying far more attention to the road surface than they usually do, Deb and Nigel completed their feet feat in two hours, finishing in good spirits and ready for the bowl of warm water, soap and dry towel. Thank you, Deb and Nigel, for your support and for raising, at the last count, nearly £800 pounds to help some of the neediest children in the world.

You can still sponsor Deb and Nigel’s barefoot walk at http://www.justgiving.com/Deborah-Hardy1

Checking for damage after the four miles!
But still smiling!!

Posted on June 3rd 2013

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