Wau! That's Progress!

In December 2012, we reported the start of construction of our new Children’s Home in Wau, South Sudan.  Nine months later, we are excited to report good progress!

Our current 15 children should be moving out of the rented place where they are currently and into their new home in the next couple of months, once some final work has been completed and the home has been furnished. Two more children should be able to join them at that time.

The second phase of the project will add two more bedrooms and a further room for our caregivers. This will enable us to increase the number of children cared for in the new home to 32.

...providing quality, residential care to these children is the only viable option...

There is a huge need for residential care in this area, as poverty is rampant and many parents simply cannot provide for their children – often resulting in them being abandoned, living on the streets, vulnerable to abuse, imprisonment - or worse. All of our current children have been rescued from just such a “life” on the streets of Wau. Responding by providing quality, residential care to these children is the only viable optionat the current time.

lives are being healed and made whole..  many of them are doing well in their school..

And the work of our partner in South Sudan is having a fantastic impact! Children’s lives are being healed and made whole by the work that our supporters help to make happen. The boys in our Good Shepherd Home in Wau are friendly, respectful and happy. Many of them are doing well in their school programmes, despite the difficult start they have had in life. They are all involved in the local church, some of them participating in the choir or drama group or by teaching the Bible to younger children. There is a very real sense of God’s presence in the Good Shepherd Home and in the lives of these kids – the transformation in them is wonderful to behold.

If you’d like to support our work in South Sudan, please click here.

If you would care enough to pray for the ministry there, please petition God for:

  • Continued healthy growth in each of these children’s lives – and for each to know and serve Christ as they enter adulthood
  • That the completion of all phases of construction would go according to plan, with the funds being made available as needed
  • For Francis, the national Director, and our staff in South Sudan as they seek to effectively minister to the needs of these children, as well as others in the community
  • For peace in this area, ravaged as it has been by violence for so long, as well as for stability throughout South Sudan.

 Thank you

Posted on September 10th 2013

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