Zambia Appeal

In recent years, Kids Alive Zambia has been able to build homes and schools in some of the neediest areas of Zambia. But more than trenches and concrete it is the foundations, with God's help, that people like you are helping to lay in the lives of the children we serve. 

Christopher was only 12 when the foundations of his life shifted in a massive and unexpected emotional landslide. He was brought to Kids Alive in Lusaka by the police. He had been living rough and the passers-by who spotted him took him to the authorities. They could not find out much about him so he was brought to the home as a missing child.

Eventually Christopher was able to tell us his story; he explained that he had come from somewhere in the north of Zambia. He said, “One day I was playing with friends on a stationary train at the railway station. When the train started to move, my friends jumped off but I could not. Finally it stopped in Lusaka and I was able to get off but I had no way to get home so I lived rough on the streets until I was spotted and taken to the police.

6 year old Edward (- do you want to read that again? - six years old!) was also brought to us by the police in Lusaka. No one is quite sure what happened; we understand that Edward's mother just abandoned him and left for another town.

The range of tragic circumstances that our children are rescued from is very varied. And the circumstances that undermine their young lives are truly individual.

From desperate backgrounds, children at Kids Alive Zambia now experience true hope built on a foundation of love

But the good news, for all the boys and girls brought to us, is that they are being given new foundations of love, care and hope. Above all else, they are given an awareness of God's love and an eternal hope that will empower them to bring hope to their communities and their nation.

Simply speaking, we'd love to see more of that happen!

So please will you partner with us? - in prayer, in wise stewardship of your resources?

Please help us to lay foundations in children's lives, not just in Zambia but in every country where we, in partnership with Kids Alive International, are working.

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Posted on March 18th 2015

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