Rebecca from Peru

Rebecca came from a dysfunctional, unsafe situation. Her parents separated and she lived with her mother, but her mother worked long hours and Rebecca was severely neglected. There was no food left at home for her, there was no running water or toilet, and her father rarely visited. Kids Alive became aware of Rebecca’s need and she came to live at Juniper Tree when she was eight – thin, hungry, and far behind in her schooling. And shortly after her arrival, her mother died of breast cancer.

Today, though, Rebecca is a cheerful, confident, 14-year-old who works hard to get good grades and is motivated to succeed. In the past year, her father has visited her a few times, which lifts her spirits. She deeply desires to be reunited with her family, and we are working on a plan for her to live with her brother’s family. As she makes the transition, our social worker and psychologist will follow the situation, maintain our connection with her, and offer continued support.

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