About Kids Alive International



As a charity that exists to care for some of the world’s most vulnerable children, we are keen to ensure that we have rigorous policies and procedures in place to so that children in our care are kept safe from harm. The same principle applies to our staff, volunteers and anyone else who may come into contact with our work.

Kids Alive International and Kids Alive Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct

Whilst Kids Alive International is an independent and autonomous UK-based registered charity, we partner with a USA-based charity called Kids Alive International (KAI), which oversees all of our field projects. We have worked closely with KAI to develop a comprehensive Safeguarding policy, which you can view here, including our Code of Conduct.

All of our staff, trustees, volunteers and anyone else who acts on behalf of our charity will be asked to study this policy and sign their agreement to its contents and to abide by our Code of Conduct when working for us.

Other Policies

Privacy policy (including GDPR data protection and website cookie policy)
Equal Opportunities policy
Social Media Policy (mainly for our staff and volunteers)
KAI policy of vetting Visitors, Consultants and Volunteers when visiting our projects

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