Sepiso and Sitali from Zambia

Once abandoned to the streets, twins find Christ in Lusaka

Teenage twins *Sepiso and *Sitali, were left to fend for themselves after being abandoned by their family. They resorted to begging and stealing to survive on the rough streets of Lusaka, Zambia.

Their lives took a turn for the better when Kids Alive Zambia welcomed them at Chikondi Children's Village. Transitioning from a life of survival on the streets to being in the care and supervision of a family-style home was incredibly challenging for Sepiso and Sitali.

Having adapted to their previous unhealthy and unstructured environment, they found it tough to place trust in their new caretakers. This struggle manifested as challenging behaviours, such as disrespecting others and being resistant to anything spiritual.

However, over time, their attitudes and behaviours gradually changed as they experienced the love and support of the Kids Alive staff and engaged in Bible study sessions. Ultimately, Sepiso and Sitali found solace in their faith and embraced a new way of life. Today, they hold onto their new Bibles, actively participate in local church services, and engage in various programmes. It is through your support that this transformation was made possible.

*Names changed for privacy

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