Simon from Kenya

Simon* was a weak and frail boy when we met him. At the age of two, his mother died of AIDS, leaving him in the care of his grandmother. He is HIV-positive and was frequently left alone all day while his grandmother went looking for work. Without adequate food and necessary medications for his illness, he eventually became so weak that he could barely walk.

In 2017, local authorities were alerted to his situation and he was enrolled in our Hall Mead School in a rural part of Kenya. And while it was difficult at first due to his poor health and fearful attitude, we were determined to help in any way possible. 

By God’s grace and the efforts of our staff, Simon has been transformed into a healthy, outgoing boy. He receives medical care, eats two healthy meals at school each day, and is doing well in his classes. Among his peers, he has emerged as a natural leader, and he wants to study to become a teacher one day. Once frail and timid, he now plays football and makes friends easily. We cannot wait to see what God does in Simon’s life now that his future looks bright!

 *Name changed to protect privacy

Our schools not only give an excellent education to children who would otherwise most likely to have to beg or work, but they also provide all round care for both the children and their families. This includes the provision of food - which is crucial to protect them from having to work - as well as as giving them energy so they can concentrate at school. More information about how school dinners can transform lives...

"He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry… " Psalm 146: 8

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