Stefan from Lebanon

Stefan is a sweet eight-year-old boy who began coming to New Horizons three years ago. He belongs to a gypsy family, but it is not a stable situation. His father doesn’t work, his mother has been driven by desperation and lack of hope to earn money in ways no one should have to resort to, and they are very poor. To make matters worse, Stefan was diagnosed with lupus when he was a baby. The disease caused skin and finger deformities, making him a target for ridicule in a shame and honour culture. When he arrived at the Care Centre, he was shy and ashamed of his appearance, but he was welcomed with open arms by our staff.

It took time for him to open up and trust us, as he had been through so much rejection and neglect in his home and community. We patiently provided for his needs, accepted him, and told him that he had value to us and to God. As time passed, his self-esteem began to improve, his heart began to soften, and he developed a love for Jesus. He is now often the first to volunteer to pray and he says, “Jesus, thank you for opening the Centre for us and thank you for our teachers.” We are so thankful for Stefan and pray that he will continue to rest in God’s love for him.

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