What We Do

We are a Christian charity that cares for some of the world's most vulnerable children, of all faiths and none. We do this by supporting about 40 projects in seven developing countries. Each project varies, but generally speaking they fit into one of several key areas, each with our common four key goals for every child in our care. 


We run Christian schools, typically in areas of high poverty where students would otherwise not have an education (they can’t afford the school fees or uniforms to get into the state schools). Crucially, we also provide food, which in many cases is the only food the child will get. Many of our schools provide trauma-informed care for those children who have suffered trauma. 

Care centres

Here we identify hotspots of extreme poverty and provide food, after school educational support, trips (and other activities that help with general life skills), basic medical care, as well as emotional and spiritual counselling. In all cases we select the most vulnerable children from some of the poorest families and communities. 

Family support programmes

We provide care and support for families to enable them to better care for their vulnerable child, eg the provision of food, educational fees, school uniforms and stationery, etc. Quite often this can be for single parents, or where single grandparents are looking after the child. 

Trauma therapy

Many of the children we rescue are traumatised, so we provide specialised trauma therapy to help them heal and live in a normal loving environment. This is a growing part of our work and is especially necessary for children who have been subject to sexual abuse or neglect.

Residential Care

There are times when a child is so vulnerable that they need to into residential care, to give us time and space to care for them and work with their families (or a potential foster family) to provide a long-term safe home. This is often children who have been abandoned or orphaned, or sadly, abused. We will always seek to reintegrate them back into their wider family/ community.

Justice and System Changes

We have programmes that pursue justice for child victims of abuse, which in turn help with the child’s healing as well as discouraging further offences. We also work diligently to influence the childcare and protection climates in the countries where we serve, working with governments, policy makers and authorities to benefit vulnerable children.

Independent Living Programmes

When a child in our care becomes a young adult, we want them to be able to stand on their own two feet, so we have designed some programmes to help them transition to full independence. In Kenya, for example, we provide vocational training, as well as mentorship and practical support, especially for those who go to university or vocational training. 

Community Outreach

We often use our projects as bases for community outreach work. In Lebanon, for example, we provide friendship groups and mentoring to the many isolated and lonely Syrian refugee mothers. In Kenya, we provide evening meetings, including parenting skills, marriage strengthening talks, etc. And during the pandemic we have been distribution emergency food supplies and basic medical care. 

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