How your support has helped girls like Sofia* continue their education without fear of sexual assault

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Sofia*, a 17-year-old from a family of limited means, tragically became a victim of sexual assault following her father's emigration to the United States. Despite this, she displayed remarkable courage by reaching out to the Escuintla Holistic Care Center just five days after the incident. Her resilience is a testament to her strength.

When Sofia arrived at Kids Alive Guatemala, the team promptly addressed her family's immediate needs. Recognising their unstable income and inadequate nutrition, Kids Alive provided essential food aid.

Kids Alive's social worker took the initial step of implementing safety measures at Sofia's school, ensuring the alleged perpetrator, a former classmate, could no longer approach her. They also arranged a medical consultation with a specialist in a private setting, as Sofia chose not to receive care at the Public Hospital, where previous treatment related to the assault had left her with traumatic memories.

Through advocacy, the team at Kids Alive Guatemala have obtained a scholarship for Sofia, helping her complete her education. Sofia is currently pursuing studies in Science and Writing, focusing on Computer Science, and completing an internship in preparation for her high school graduation.

Thanks to our supporters, Kids Alive was able to assist with Sofia's tuition fees, shoe purchases, and other graduation and internship-related expenses. This comprehensive support has enabled her to continue her education without financial worries.

This exemplifies the trauma-informed work undertaken by Kids Alive – highlighting the extreme intentionality of our programmes and staff to guarantee that every child receives the best and most suitable care available.

*Name changed to protect privacy

"You are my hiding place! You protect me from trouble, and you put songs in my heart because you have saved me." Psalm 32:7

Posted by Lynne Edmunds on June 21st 2024

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